Head Photos
The head photos you supply must be a clear, in focus and a resolution as high as possible for best results.
The better the photo....the better the final product!
For a successful head replication we require two photos of the subject.
  • A frontal photo and a side view.
  • If smiling, a closed mouth smile
  • Hair pulled back away from the face
  • No eyeglasses

You have the option of sending us four additional photos of the subject as well. These photos we will use to make artistic observations and note certain things like natural hair style, etc.
To achieve the best face replication, read the tips below:
  • Try to take photo in natural light without a flash.. Our replication process
          is sensitive to color and hue. Flash photos can change a complexion.
  • Avoid light that casts a shadow on the face. Shadows will be interpreted
         as a color on the face and will appear on the finished head.
  • Avoid out of focus shots